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Have you ever wondered how or why that clown, magician, puppeteer, face painter, balloon man or lady got started entertaining children, adults, or anyone?  Are they crazy?


Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I will speak for myself.

A long, long time ago…. 1993 or 1994.   Monday through Friday, I was a homeschooling Mom. I was looking for something to do to help out with the household expenses, and it had to be on weekends.  I had a very good friend, also, a homeschooler, whose hubby was experimenting with  clowning.  Since I was/am a little crazy myself; I asked him to teach me a little of what he could do!

For me it was a marriage made in heaven, love at first sight!

Not with the clown!!   With the balloons!! 

Again, this was a long, long time ago… yes there was the internet, but it was before YouTube,  and blogs.   So I checked out books from the library, I learned from books, and others and by experimenting.  Eventually my children (now adults) got involved too.

So now it is 2015, we have a small family business.  It has been 21 years and I still love it!  The kids, the balloons, the fun and the creativity involved enchant me. Every weekend is a new adventure; with new people to meet and new kids to make happy!


Here are some photos from past weekends!

2015-09-18 20.08.42   parrot  queen



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